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Terms & Conditions

The canceled merchandise must be delivered within a maximum period of 60 days from the invoice. If delivery is not made due to causes attributable to the customer, the company reserves the right to charge 7% monthly of the total value of the merchandise for storage.

The delivery of merchandise corresponds to the location where it was purchased. Furniture City S.A. stores in Panama City has a cost and programming day according to the area, as follows:

• 25.00 (Twenty-Five Balboas) Metropolitan Area, Monday to Saturday (until the bridge of the Americas, until December 24, up to Los Andes).

• 30.00 (Thirty Balboas) Area West, Tuesday (after Bridge of the Americas Howard, Arraiján and Chorrera).

• 60.00 (Sixty Balboas) Beach Area, Tuesdays (from Capira to Rio Hato).

• 35.00 (Thirty-Five Balboas) Area of ​​Columbus, Thursday (from the bridge of Chilibre).

• 125.00 (One hundred and twenty-five Balboas) Area of ​​Chiriqui (only delivered in David, Bugaba, Boquete, Volcano and Cerro Punta). Day subject to quota schedule availability. The delivery of merchandise that corresponds to a purchase made in a store in David, have a cost and programming day according to the area, as follows:

• 15.00 (Quince Balboas) Area of ​​David, Tuesday and Friday.

• 30.00 (Thirty Balboas) Area of ​​Bugaba, Saturday.

• 40.00 (Forty Balboas) Boquete Area, Wednesday.

• 50.00 (Fifty Balboas) Area of ​​Volcano and Cerro Punta, Saturday.

Note: Keep in mind that scheduling of deliveries is subject to:

When a second delivery occurs, due to causes attributable to the customer, 7% of the value of the merchandise or a minimum of 50.00 (Fifty Balboas) will be charged, whichever is greater, which must be paid at the store to receive again your merchandise.

Any delivery that requests outside these hours will have an additional cost of 7% or a minimum of 50.00 (fifty Balboas), whichever is greater. It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure that the building or condominium where the delivery will take place does not have any restrictions that may prevent or affect the normal performance of the same according to our schedule.

Furniture City, as well as its Managers, Sellers or other collaborators, DO NOT agree to deliver at a specific time, within the day scheduled for such delivery.

It is the customer's responsibility to clear the place where the goods to be received are to be placed. The company is not responsible for:

• a. Damage that may occur in the delivery area when there are obstacles that prevent the proper movement and access of Furniture City S.A. personnel.

• b. Valuables that are in the access or work area where they are to be delivered.

It is the customer's responsibility to inform the company an access route in the area where the goods are to be delivered. If the goods cannot be delivered in the area requested by the customer (due to lack of access) the company will deliver on the ground floor or in the parking lot. The customer will assume the cost of the surcharge that arises when required to hire a company and / or equipment to complete the delivery.

Furniture City S.A. reserves the right to make deliveries to certain destinations, for safety reasons, we risk the physical integrity of our drivers and their helpers.

Furniture City S.A. is responsible for the transportation and assembly of merchandise, Furniture City S.A., nor any of its collaborators or delivery representatives is responsible for disassembling, arming or moving merchandise from the delivery destination to another address. If the customer does not want the goods to be assembled at the time of delivery, the assembly after the delivery will cost 7% of the value of labor, within a maximum period of 30 days after delivery.

IMPORTANT: The customer or person who is receiving the merchandise, must check and verify that it is in perfect condition. If the product has any deterioration, you must inform it immediately, otherwise the claim will not be accepted, once the goods have been accepted and signed the document received accordingly, you waive subsequent claims about the integrity, identity and / or missing parts of the product. This also applies to deliveries made to third parties contracted by the customer and deliveries withdrawn by the customer in a warehouse or store.

If your delivery requires the use of stairs, a surcharge of 50.00 USD is applied to any deliveries made up to the 10th floor, an additional fee of 5.00 USD is applied per floor raised after. Customers who do not cancel this surcharge before delivery, will then have to cancel the payment of the surcharge and the total of USD 5.00 per floor in the store where the purchase was made.