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1. How can I buy a product that I saw online?
If the product is on our local website or from the official website (, just note the name or serial number and contact us at our store (Furniture City S.A.) at 377-0001, and we will gladly tell you the price and time of arrival.

2. Do you offer replacement pieces?
This option is available as long as the product has not been discontinued by the manufacturer in the United States.

To order, you must clearly determine the piece required via an image. Once the piece has been determined, we will proceed with a quote and respond with an estimated time of arrival.

3. I need assembly instructions for my furniture. Where can I get them?
All instructions come included with your pieces of furniture. If you lose them, they are available in English at Just search the name or serial number of your furniture, and once you are on the product detail page, you can download the "Assembly Instructions" document (see image).

4. Does Ashley fill special orders?
Yes, any furniture that appears on the Ashley United States website ( can be ordered through our store in Panama.

Just tell us the name or serial number, and we will gladly give you a quote.

5. Can I buy an extra table leaf?
Each leaf is cut when the table is made; therefore, additional leaves are not available.

6. Where can I find product dimensions?
The dimensions of the product can be found on our website under the description of the furniture.