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BAC CREDOMATIC Financiamiento

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0% Rate
Purchases in installments at 0% rate in shops includes a purchase in previously defined installments and with zero percent interest provided the customer makes the minimum payment plus the fees billed to his statement before or on the day of the date of payment. If the client wishes, he can only make the minimum payment reflected in his account statement and finance the installments with the regular rate of his credit card. The terms offered are defined by the trade, and this obligation is not to offer all the terms.

Deferred purchase in installments at 0% interest and the term offered by the merchant
No minimum or fixed amounts of financing
No commission for the purchase at Rate 0%
The client can finance their monthly fee of 0% if they wish
The customer can make advance payments or early cancellations to his card in installments
As the customer makes the payment of his fee, the available credit will be released.
Not subject to credit evaluation

Payment in installments
Have an amount available on the credit card greater than the amount of the transaction
The amount of the transaction reduces the available balance of the customer.
Monthly fee is included within the minimum customer payment detailed on your statement.
Payment in installments not accumulated points + Rewards or airline miles


Monthly Fee applies only for minimum purchases of B / .500.00 dollars.

Applicable for purchases with Banesco credit cards. in terms of 36 MONTHS at 0% without interest. The benefit must be requested in the box before paying, it is the responsibility of the customer to verify that the proof of purchase reflects the 0% option. Purchases at 0% consist of paying the amount of the acquired equal monthly installments without interest.

Applies for minimum purchases of $ 500.00. To maintain 0% interest, the customer must make the minimum payment of his statement, before or on the day of the payment date of his credit card. If the account has more than 30 days or more, the purchase fees in installments at 0% interest will go to the regular interest rate of your credit card. The purchase in installments does not accumulate points or cash back.

For more information contact the following email: [email protected] or 65938702